Selling Virginia Tax Credit

We have good buyer markets for your credit throughout the year. No matter where you are in your conservation easement thinking (needing information about it, just starting to consider a conservation easement, finding the professionals you need for each step, recognizing hurdles, registering for credit, or selling credit you already have), contact us to discuss your situation and help you to determine what is optimal for you and guide you through it.

Landowner Assistance and Sales

When we work with you, we see the process as one to be tailored to your individual needs and preferences as much as possible.

We believe that landowners should decide to donate or to not donate a conservation easement based on facts and a thorough thought process. We are glad to offer you the benefit of our experience - having donated two easements ourselves.

The Tax Benefits

Virginia allows some State Income Tax Credit as partial compensation to the donor-landowner for giving up development rights forever (40% of forfeited value). The landowner has only 11 years to use the credit. In 2002, Virginia became the second state to allow gift or sale of unused land preservation income tax credit to other state taxpayers. Many farmers and landowners choose to sell all or a portion of their credit.

There are also substantial federal, local, and estate tax benefits. Let us help you make sense of all these benefits.

Our Responsibilities To You

Are you seeking assistance with your conservation easement and with selling your Virginia State tax credit?

We can do much more than sell VA tax credit.  The earlier you call us in your conservation easement thinking, the more we can smooth the entire process for you. 

Call us at 540-980-3094.

  1. Provide information, key questions, and feedback about Virginia conservation easement decisions.

    If you choose to donate a conservation easement:

  2. Provide guidance and critical things to know, and recommend appraisers, CPAs, and attorneys who are familiar with this program before you proceed.

  3. Coordinate the process, manage the timing, and sell and transfer the credit.

  4. Consult with your CPA, attorney, and appraiser, with your permission.

  5. Register your credit with VA Department of Taxation if it has not yet been.

  6. Coordinate with the VA Department of Taxation's tax credit unit and with buyers on your behalf.

  7. Advise and stay available to you and buyers throughout the process, maintaining records for at least five years afterwards.

From "concept to cash-in-hand" there are many options available to you. Contact us!

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These programs are part of Code of VA 58.1 ~ Land Conservation Incentives Act